ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring

Advanced technology improving energy performance and reducing environmental impact

  • ISO 50001
  • An energy saving solution
  • Expertly designed features
  • Operational components
  • Case study

ISO 50001:2011 – Energy management system

Cement and minerals companies around the globe aspire to improve their energy performance. It saves them money and reduces their environmental impact, and this helps to tackle climate change.

The ISO 50001:2011 – Energy management system standard supports innovation that drives improved energy performance – a benchmark that allows cement and minerals plants to continuously improve.

ECS/EnerSentryTM has been designed with reference to the ISO Energy management system standard to support executives, engineers and operational staff to achieve their goal of best practice energy management and continuous improvement. 

ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring’s capabilities inform decision-making, energy procurement and production scheduling. This in turn helps cement and minerals plants to achieve their goal of improved energy performance.




Process improvement and energy savings – the easy solution

ECS/EnerSentryTM – Energy Monitoring facilitates the process improvement in cement and minerals plants.  As part of the FLSmidth Expert Control and Supervision (ECS™) suite of products, it alerts plant managers and operators to energy saving measures.

Using the proven ECS platform, ECS/EnerSentry intelligently gathers raw data from a wide range of energy devices and systems.

It then presents the data in a format that allows for real-time decision making about energy conservation measures. Everything can be customised to micro levels – alarms, events, trends and reports – to allow for a deeper understanding of energy losses and potential savings.

ECS/EnerSentry requires minimal setup – it’s been designed specifically for cement and minerals process systems and equipment – yet it delivers maximum results.

Key benefits

  • Improved energy performance resulting in real cost savings
  • Intelligent gathering of data from a wide range of energy systems and devices
  • Meaningful reporting, in custom or standard formats
  • Supports the effective management of expenditure, surcharges and tariff variations
  • Removes the need for costly energy meters and complex calculations
  • High speed data logging
  • Simple data export
  • Little impact on data storage and system speed
  • Report auto-generation and scheduling
  • Information access from any location
  • Easy integration with new and established automation systems


Designed to suit all users’ requirements

ECS/EnerSentryTM is flexible by design.

It recognises that when it comes to visualising and analysing data, one user’s requirements will differ from the next user’s. For this reason, ECS/EnerSentry monitors and extracts all data but the presentation of that data can be completely customised.

ECS/EnerSentry has also been designed with reference to ISO 50001 standards and International Electrotechnical Commission guidelines.

ECS/EnerSentry expertly designed features include:

  • On demand user view: configure the information to suit your daily monitoring and analysis
  • Reports, energy performance indicators and trend data: produced with just one touch, in a range of formats
  • Inbuilt calculator solvers: set and track KPIs in all aspects of energy consumption
  • Trend anything, anytime: automatic and continuous data logging provides total flexibility
  • Data export in several formats: easy export and format flexibility
  • Alarms and events: fully customisable and supports trouble shooting and proactive energy conservation
  • Open solution: share data seamlessly with any automation system


Operational components

ECS/EnerSentryTM is quick and easy to install – it becomes fully operational and enhances energy management in only a matter of days – and it’s even easier to use. Some of the most advanced automation technology available today is behind the system’s operational componentry, which includes:

  • Operator station
  • Reports configurator and viewer
  • Calculator engine
  • Trends
  • Alarms/events
  • Workplace
  • ECS V8 server (plant control system server or stand-alone server)
  • Data acquisition system – FLSmidth ECS/ControlCenter (native I/O drivers)
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Data highways
  • External automation systems
  • Energy meters
  • Relays

ECS Control room


Proven upfront saving of 60% on initial investment

In the second quarter of 2017, a South Asian cement plant that chose ECS/EnerSentryTM – Energy Monitoring ahead of a legacy standalone energy monitoring system achieved an upfront saving of 60% on their initial investment. In addition, in only a short time, the plant reported an improved understanding of energy status, gaps and potential savings as well as enhanced insight for quick problem solving and troubleshooting.

The legacy system the company originally investigated was laden with complex architecture and unwieldy software. The hardware was also high end. The system totally missed the synergy between existing control system infrastructure and process knowledge making ECS/EnerSentry an obvious choice.

Competitor proposal:

ECS/EnerSentry Energy Monitoring:

  • Standalone dual server
  • 2 x industrial computers requiring relevant accessories and licenses
  • 50 x high-end energy meters mounted in electrical panels
  • 5 x data highways for interfacing energy meters with the industrial computers
  • Separate analog modules to communicate energy meter data to the existing plant control system
  • 15-minute data logging intervals
  • Simple add-on application for the existing plant control system – ECS/ControlCenter™ V8 process control system
  • 1 x workstation-grade PC
  • 50 x basic energy meters
  • 1-second data logging

Engineering and commissioning time: 10 days

ECS case study