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ECS/ProcessExpert® advanced process control for the cement industry.

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High-level control

ECS/ProcessExpert is a high-level control and optimisation solution for complex process such as pyro processes. Control optimisation is performed using the ECS/ProcessExpert advanced capabilities that are specifically tailored to meet the individual user requirements.

The control and optimisation system is based on the well-known industrial platform ECS (Expert Control & Supervision) system specially developed for supervisory control, monitoring and reporting functions.

Depending on the application type, advanced expert system techniques such as fuzzy-logic, neural-networks and Model-based Predictive Control are used in the ECS/ProcessExpert application modules to enable hybrid control schemes to meet the requirements of the specific process control issues. These modules will perform complex and steady evaluations of process conditions, and execute adequate control actions on a more frequent and reliable basis than human operators. Being an open tool-box, ECS/ProcessExpert allows the implement solutions to be specifically tailored to the needs of each plant by incorporating the best control knowledge of all. The ECS/ProcessExpert system will assist the operators on their control tasks on a 24-hour basis.


ECS/ProcessExpert helps plant management to meet and adapt production goals, and to compete more effectively in increasingly demanding markets.
Combination of the know-how from plant engineers and operators with ECS/ProcessExpert and FLSmidth Automation's extensive expertise results in the creation of the best possible high-level process control system:

  • Improved process stability through continuous, accurate and consistent process evaluation and control actions
  • Rapid control and suppression of process upsets
  • Lower operating costs through energy and maintenance savings
  • Better, more uniform end-product quality
  • Better utilisation of human, capital and material resources
  • Minimised emissions and environmental effects
  • Release of operators from routine control actions

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The ECS/ProcessExpert system is built on a true real-time process control platform that can be easily linked to the process, through communication with an existing control system (PLC or DCS-based).

  • It is suitable for all types of critical and difficult-to-control processes, at both existing plants and for green-field projects, and offers the following main features:
  • Open tool-box for implementation of specific and customised high-level process control applications
  • Innovative and structured application methodology based upon the modelling of an application with control objectives and priority management
  • Library of standard control objectives
  • Integration of simulation models for test/training
  • Fuzzy logic, MPC and mathematical modelling techniques
  • Graphical operator, engineering and management interfaces

Case Studies

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