MHC Twin Shaft Breaker

The MHC Twin shaft breaker is ideal for crushing soft and sticky materials such as marl, clay, shale and coal. The breaker comes in two teeth configurations: one for ball mills and one for vertical mills

MHC Twin Shaft Breaker
  • The basics

Key benefits

  • Crushes soft and sticky materials
  • Low power consumption and wear
  • Stable and trouble-free operation
  • Built-in automatic lubrication systems
  • Easy to install, adjust and maintain

Maximum Protection

The MHC Twin shaft breaker requires no supervision during operation. A speed monitor on the rotor shafts will stop the main motor and send a signal to the central control room if the machine is overloaded or if a non-breakable piece of material gets trapped between the rotors.

Easy maintenance

The Twin shaft breaker has four bearings that are continuously lubricated by a grease pump placed in a cabinet.

The grease barrel contains grease for several months and the system is monitored by sensors that trigger an alarm if a malfunction occurs or the barrel is empty.

Tools and lifting yoke are supplied together with the breaker to facilitate quick and trouble-free maintenance, including replacement of wear parts.

How it works

The breaker consists of a frame and two rotors, which are shafts with toothed discs.

On entering the breaker, the raw materials fall down on the rotors, are gripped by the teeth and crushed.

Reduces power consumption and wear
Due to the cutting action of the teeth the specific power consumption remains relatively low.

The rotors run at low speed. This helps minimising the amount of fines generated and reduces wear on the replaceable parts.

Stable operation
Replaceable 'cleaning teeth' fitted on the inside of the breaker frame prevent any clogging of the rotors.

The drive station will start even if large amounts of material are lying on top of the breaker motors.

Easy installation
Installation of the breaker is simple. It is transported from the manufacturing plant to the construction site as one unit and is delivered together with the drive station, the grease lubricating unit and the barrel pump.