Krebs Coal Spiral Concentrator

Spiral Concentrators use specific gravity to separate coal.

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The New Krebs Coal Spiral is a technologically advanced design:

  • Krebs rougher/cleaner “CPX” spiral design allows coal to be rewashed
    in a second stage spiral helix located immediately below the
    primary spiral.
  • Spiral concentrators use differences in density to separate fine coal
    simply, efficiently, and cost effectively
  • Krebs offers a comprehensive range of spiral units for coal

Krebs Coal Spirals are supplied in complete modular designs including support framework, feed distribution system and product piping system. Assemblies will be designed to meet your application requirements. Consult a FLSmidth Krebs Sales Engineer for any technical or quotation requests.

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New Collection Boot Design

How new collection boot design handles allow for positioning of all cutters simultaneously.  There is no need to reach into Helix to adjust.  The mechanism allows positive lockout once selection is made.

Spiral Boot

Revised internal profile assures no misplacements into other product streams. The internal rotation breaker reduces wear on boot assembly.

boot spiral



The Benefits of Using Coal Spirals in Your Coal Processing

  • Single, double, and triple start configurations
  • Single pass or rougher/cleaner compound designs available
  • Integral product piping system which eliminates the need for open launders
  •  Wear and corrosion resistant construction
  • Performance simulations and technical support by FLSmidth Krebs
  • New product boot design with vortex breaker for a longer wear life
  • Integral "lock-in-place" cutter positioner and indicator
  • Recessed cutter position for enhanced separation, reducing product misplacement


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