Urethane Hydrocyclones

FLSmidth Krebs Urethane hydrocyclones are ideally suited for classification and separation of solids in slurries in the industrial and mineral related wet processes. Their light weight construction, small footprint and ease of handling makes this the best option in many water & industrial and mining applications.

urethane cyclones
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FLSmidth Krebs has a complete line of urethane hydrocyclones ranging in size from .5 to 15 inch (13 to 254 mm) in diameter.

The gMAX cyclone performance level was formerly only achievable using many small diameter hydrocyclones, at a much higher capital cost.

Our gMAX technology is available in most urethane sizes. The gMAX cyclone design includes modern apex and cone designs that feature performance enhancing benefits. The cyclone inlet and cylindrical sections have been modified to minimize turbulence and wear, but still have the capability to operate at much higher capacities than other hydrocyclones of the same diameter.

Separation d50's as fine as 3 microns are possible with flow rates ranging from .6 to 300 gpm (14 to 68 m3/hr) and higher per hydrocyclone. Multiple units can be combined in a manifold arrangement for unlimited capacities.

Power, Industrial & Water Treatment Brochure

Urethane Cyclone Brochure

Urethane Cyclones for Vehicle Wash Water Treatment

Urethane Cyclones for Drilling Mud Water Treatment


  cyclones for drilling mud

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Design Features

  • 25-40% finer, sharper separation than standard cyclones
  • Fewer cyclones needed for optimal performance
  • Available in sizes ranging 1" to 15"
  • Numerous cyclones can be placed in the manifold together in a tight space
  • Works with existing installations
  • The U10-gMAX® utilizes a two-component molded urethane that provides maximum strength and wear characteristics


    • Abrasion resistant
    • Light weight for easy handling and installation
    • Will not corrode
    • Worn sections can be replaced individually
    • Low cost

    krebs cyclones pod system

    Pod System: Where 1” or 2” diameter cyclones are required for the
    desired separation and the process flows are very large; our pod style manifolds
    combine several standard size cyclone “pods” onto a radial manifold system.
    This provides very high capacity while offering some turndown capability,
    spare capacity, and fewer valves to maintain.

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    Add a millMAXTM pump to your separation process and watch your pumping costs drop.  As a leader in cyclones technology, we make sure your pumping system optimizes your separation requirements.

    KREBS gMAXTM Hydrocyclones     

    Optimum cyclone performance relies on minimizing turbulence while maximizing tangential velocity. Krebs primary focus is proper design, selection and application of hydrocyclone systems to provide the best product to our customers.

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    The Technequip knife gate valve is a true bi-directional slurry knife gate valve. It's massive rubber sleeves were designed to seal and withstand the harsh abrasive duty inherent in mining and milling facilities.