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FLSmidth SmartCyclone™ is a monitoring and control solution in a closed circuit grinding system for improving cyclone-related processes, predicting and controlling cyclone maintenance schedules and more.

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System Architecture

FLSmidth’s SmartCyclone™ is a monitoring and control solution for reducing cyclone-related process perturbations, improving cyclone overflow particle size distribution, predicting and controlling cyclone maintenance schedules, and optimizing closed-circuit grinding processes. The SmartCyclone closed circuit grinding optimization system, combines: FLSmidth Krebs patented SmartCyclone wear detection sensor technology, FLSmidth Krebs’ patented roping sensor technology with patent-pending wireless controller system, and FLSmidth Automation’s ECS/ProcessExpert process control software with new patent-pending SmartWear™ cyclone maintenance algorithm.

More compact system:
  • Eliminate node boxes for each cyclone
  • Utilizes (1) Central Controller for
    up to 16 cyclones

SmartCycloneTM Wireless
Handheld Controller & Sensor

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Article: New Mining Sensors Go Wireless (FLSmidth Krebs SmartCyclone)

SmartCyclone Brochure

SmartCyclone Wireless Technical Data Sheet

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Wireless Technology

The new Krebs wireless SmartCyclone sensor system eliminates the need for individual nodes and the interconnecting cables between the sensors and nodes and associated controllers. It utilizes a central wireless controller that can handle up to 16 sensors per unit; providing real-time wireless detection and communication of roping and /or wear data from the SmartCyclone sensors to the manifold controller(s) for forwarding to the control room workstation through an Ethernet cable.

No Cables or Wires
  • Controller contains wireless antenna,
    communicating with sensors
  • No need to run cable trays, making
    it a more streamlined installation
  • Cyclones can be taken out for
     maintenance without worrying about
     ripping the cables

krebs smartcyclone

SmartCyclone Value Proposition

Quick Perturbation Identification and Correction
  • Less process down-time Reduced Variation in Floatation Particle Size Distribution
  • Improved mineral recovery

Reduced Variation in Floatation Particle Size Distribution
  • Improved Mineral Recovery

Predictable Cyclone Maintenance Schedule
  • Improved process stability
  • Wear monitoring and management

Increased Production Capacity
  • By adding a mechanism by which the plant operator can monitor roping, the process may be
    operated closer to the limits of the cyclone manifold design

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