FLSmidth Krebs CycloClean™ Cyclone Vessel Systems

FLSmidth Krebs CycloClean system is used in oily water treatment systems removing oil or other liquid contaminants. The CycloClean system is used in many industrial, water treatment and power plant applications.

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Krebs CycloClean™ modules

The Krebs CycloClean module works on a very simple principle. Oily water is pumped tangentially into the hydrocyclone which initiates a spinning vortex. This spinning vortex is accelerated as it moves down the tapered hydrocyclone, separating the heavier water phase to the outside walls while the lighter oil phase moves to the center. The separated oil is removed through a reject orifice located in the inlet head section and the treated water discharges through the tail section.

FLSmidth Krebs offers a full line of CycloClean™ modules, including the KCM-8, 16 and 25. The modules are designed to meet a wide range of performance objectives for flows ranging from 8 to 25 gpm [2.0 to 5.7 m3/hr].


Unlike plate pack separators, the Krebs CycloClean module relies on centrifugal forces rather than gravitational forces for separation. The centrifugal force generated inside the vortex of the hydrocyclone is of the order of 1,000 times the force of gravity. With such force even emulsified oil droplets can be separated.

Krebs liquid /liquid hydrocyclones can treat oily water with oil droplets below 15 microns. (50 to 100 microns for competitor's systems).

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Krebs CycloCleanTM Systems brochure

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Krebs Hydrocyclones for Automotive Applications

Krebs Hydrocyclones for Chemical Industries

Krebs Hydrocyclones for Oil Refinery (Downstream)

CycloClean™ systems

FLSmidth Krebs designs and manufactures large oily water treatment systems using liquid / liquid hydrocyclones to treat any flow rate. Krebs CycloClean™ systems have many innovative features. Industries that use the CycloClean system include Refinery/Petrochemicals, Dairy and Food Manufacture, Remediation, Bilge & Ballast, Solvent Extraction, etc.

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krebs cyclones for automotive paint process 


High Performance:

  • Krebs liquid /liquid hydrocyclones can treat oily water with oil droplets below 15 microns. (50 to 100 microns for competitor's systems).
  • More reliable oil separation performance. Units are not affected by debris build up or inadequate maintenance, as can occur with other systems.
  • The treatment system is closed hence there are no equipment smells or vapor emissions.

Low Maintenance:

  • Small footprint.
  • No plates, or Hopper to clean leading to lower yearly maintenance costs.
  • No closely packed plates to block.
  • No algae chemical dose required. No large stagnant volumes.
  • All our systems use high quality stainless steel piping and frames.
  • No occupational health & safety issues like with plate pack cleaning.

Easy Installation/Use:

  • Many modules will fit into confined spaces.
  • Pressurized oil and water discharge allows flexibility in site location and savings because re-pumping is not required.
  • Standard modules are fully pneumatic with no electrical connections. This greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of installation.


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Krebs CycloClean systems are used in many Industrial Applications.

Chemical Processes: FLSmidth Krebs® hydrocyclones, including Krebs gMAX® hydrocyclones, are simple, yet highly effective equipment for removing and / or concentrating solids in chemical processes.  

  • Evaporators and Crystallizers: Krebs hydrocyclones effectively recover and concentrate nucleated particles in evaporators and crystallizer circuits. By strategically placing the hydrocyclones before centrifuges or other crystal dewatering equipment, the load can be substantially reduced on the downstream operations.

  • Filtration: The primary purpose of the hydrocyclones when used in this manner is to remove the majority of the solids and protect the filter from overloading.

  • Analyzers: By processing a side stream through Krebs hydrocyclones, solids are removed ahead of analyzer.

Oil Refinery Applications:  Separate oil and hydrocarbons from water.  Specific applications include hydrocarbon recovery, oil removal from desalter brine, coke blowdown-sour water treatment, dewater amine, and waste water clean-up.

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Power, Industrial & Water Treatment Brochure

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