Krebs Radial Manifold Systems

The Krebs Radial Manifold Systems design permits convenient removal of any hydrocyclone without disturbing other hydrocyclones or disassembling the manifold system.

krebs hydrocyclone radial manifolds
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Radial Manifold System Includes

Krebs Radial Manifold Systems are designed to uniformly distribute the feed and collect the overflow and underflow products from the hydrocyclones as required for the application.  
System includes:

  • Feed distributor
  • Overflow and underflow collection launders
  • Steel support structure

krebs radial manifold cyclone system

Overflow and Underflow Launders

The overflow and underflow launders will be constructed of adequately reinforced steel plates. If elastomer lining is required, it will be a minimum of ¼" thick and be vulcanized to the steel. Launders will be concentric around the central feed pipe and provide efficient collection and transfer of products to discharge lines. The launders are designed to minimize splashing.

The manifold assembly will incorporate the structural steel required to support the radial feed distributor, the hydrocyclones, and the overflow and underflow collection launders.

Feed Distributor

The hydrocyclones are mounted radially around a central vertical feed header for uniform slurry distribution. Slurry outlet nozzles from the feed header will incorporate a well-rounded entry configuration (as obtainable with "pulled" type nozzles) to minimize slurry turbulence. A pressure gauge with protective diaphragm assembly is mounted to the top of the feed distributor. Flanges for sampling and/or a pressure transmitter can be provided.

To assure uniform feed distribution, the feed chamber has a diameter and cylindrical height above the centerline of the outlet nozzles equal to a minimum of 1-½ times the feed pipe diameter. A domed cover attached by a Victaulic coupling or plate flange is provided to allow access into the feed distributor for inspection and/or maintenance. The feed header and domed cover are constructed with minimum steel plate thickness of ¼" and incorporate a minimum of ¼" vulcanized elastomer lining.

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Manifold Benefits

The manifold design permits convenient removal of any hydrocyclone without disturbing other hydrocyclones or disassembling the manifold system. All connecting pipe fittings have standard Victaulic grooved or flanged connections. Blank-off connections are provided for any unused hydrocyclone feed outlet pipes.

An individual isolating valve can be provided for each hydrocyclone as an optional feature. We carefully evaluate the type of valve depending on the application, to ensure it is acceptable for use.

All manifolds are uniquely designed to meet our customer's process requirements. Various materials of construction are used to ensure compatibility with the slurry.


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