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FLSmidth Krebs gMAX® cyclones provide finer, sharper particle separations at high capacities.

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Inlet Head

Krebs gMAX® cyclone inlet has an outer wall involute design entrance that pre-classifies the feed solids prior to entering the main body of the cyclone. The upper part of the gMAX also includes a vortex finder and top cover plate liner design.

The Krebs gMAX® inlet head results in less misplacement of coarse material to the overflow and dramatically increased wear life. This longer wear life for the gMAX inlet, combined with premium ceramics in the lower parts of the cyclone, will greatly increase the time between complete cyclone repair / rebuilds.

 gMAX Inlet

  • The contoured, ramped inlet pre-classifies the slurry, reducing turbulence
  • Reduced turbulence minimizes coarse solids bypass to overflow
  • Reduced turbulence increases the wear life of the liners 


Through the use of CFD analysis, FLSmidth Krebs has designed the gMAX cyclone with sharper upper cones followed by longer angled lower cones. This combination maximizes tangential velocity in the upper part of the cyclone. It then provides a long residence time in the critical separation zones in the lower part of the cyclone. This results in a substantially finer separation with fewer fines in the underflow.  Single cone angle versions are available for some applications.

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The Krebs gMAX cyclone (also known as hydrocyclone) performance has been proven in a wide variety of applications mining and industrial application for liquid / solid separation.  

Mining: Gold, Copper, Iron Ore, Oil Sands, and more

Industrial: Water Treatment, Chemicals, Automotive, Wash Water, Soil Remediation, Recycle, FGD, Pollution Controls, Pulp & Paper, and Food Processing or Washing and many more.

For more detailed info. on the use of gMAX cyclones in industrial applications click on the blue tab: gMAX Industry Applications. 


Ceramic Liners for Longer Wear Life
Fosterville Gold Mine / FLSmidth Krebs Cyclone Liner Material Upgrade


gmax cyclone 

Re-Engineered Hydrocyclone

The Krebs gMAX cyclone has the capability to produce finer and sharper particle separations using large, high capacity cyclones.

  • Finer, sharper particle separations at high capacities
  • Fewer cyclones needed for optimal performance
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 33 inch in diameter with 1 inch thick replaceable liners
  • Operates at higher feed densities at the same separation size
  • Operates at lower cyclone inlet pressure
  • Can be retrofitted into existing installations to boost throughput and /or produce finer separations
  • Some models feature a 2-component molded urethane that provides maximum strength and wear characteristics

The gMAX cyclone performance level was formerly only achievable using many small diameter cyclones, at a much higher capital cost.

The gMAX cyclone design includes new superior apex, cone, and inlet head designs that feature performance enhancing benefits as a well as one inch thick elastomer or ceramic liners for increased wear life. The cyclone inlet and cylindrical sections have been modified to minimize turbulence and wear, but still have the ability to operate at much higher capacity.

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Also Available in Urethane

The molded urethane gMAX® cyclone has the capability to produce finer and sharper particle separations, using larger, high capacity cyclones.

The gMAX® Cyclone design includes modern apex and cone designs that feature performance enhancing benefits as well as being constructed of one inch thick elastomer or ceramic composition for increased wear life.

The hydrocyclone inlet and cylindrical sections have been modified to minimize turbulence and wear, but still have the ability to operate at much higher capacity.

Molded urethane gMAX cyclones are available in the following sizes:  .5, 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 10" and 15"

More information on Urethane Hydrocyclones

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Sewage & Waste Water Treatment: Krebs hydrocyclones are used extensively in sewage treatment plants to remove grit, sand and other inorganic solids from the primary clarifier or grit chamber underflow. Hydrocyclones are more efficient and cost less than gravity sedimentation systems.  Debris such as bottle caps, plastic bottles, metal fragments, wood slivers, and other inorganic objects found in the raw sewage cause abrasive wear on process equipment and settle out in the digester. Debris can lead to shutting down operations.

Food Washing and Food Processing Applications: Fruits and Vegetables harvested with machines have more dirt, grit.  When washed the girt and dirt can clog the circuit system. Our Cyclones prevent downtime by removing the grit and dirt from the water and recycling the water through the system.  This saves time and water.

Scrubber Recycle Systems: FLSmidth Krebs gMAX cyclones can be used for removing solids from scrubber effluent. By separating the solids, the liquid can be sent to the spray nozzles in the scrubber. The removal of the solids prevents the nozzles from plugging and reduces wear on the nozzles. The piping for the spray nozzles also is protected.

Pulp and Paper: FLSmidth Krebs offers high density stock cleaners as an ideal and effective methods to separate debris in pulp and paper industries. Krebs high density stock cleaners (hydrocyclones) can be used in Primary stock and severely abrasive and corrosive, secondary stock processes. Krebs  hydrocyclones are also designed to withstand corrosion, high temperatures, and heavy loads of abrasive materials such as glass, staples, and wire. Krebs supplies over 100 Pulp & Paper Mills in North America a cost effective solution to remove glass, staples, wires, and other debris from their process.

There are two basic functions of a hydrocyclones in paper pulp plants: To continuously remove fine sands from paper pulp, typically in multiple stages, or to intermittently clean the larger reject material and discharge it intermittently to minimize fiber loss. In both Kraft pulping facilities and recycled fiber mills, contaminants can easily be separated from the usable pulp prior to other screening equipment, greatly increasing the wear life of the screen baskets and other equipment. Materials of construction can be specified so that cleaner sections subject to more severe wear can be fitted with ceramic liners, while those less subject to wear can be fitted with urethane or nitrile rubber.


Power, Industrial & Water Treatment


Other Applications and Processes

  • Soil Remediation
  • Elutriation
  • Sand recovery
  • Desliming Processes
  • Thickening
  • Dairy

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