KREBS Sand Stacking Cyclones

Reliable, easily installed, and a low cost way to dewater.

krebs sand stacking cyclones
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Krebs Sand Stacking Cyclones are designed for use in solids dewatering applications. The Krebs CycloStack® along with an extended overflow pipe and siphon control assembly attaches to a standard Krebs Cyclone to minimize the moisture content in the cyclone underflow. The attachment provides a low cost way of automatically controlling the dewatering and discharge concentration of the cyclone underflow, allowing direct discharge of the underflow onto a conveyor belt or in a pile. This occurs even with fluctuating feed conditions.

  • Consistently high underflow density with variable feed density
  • Underflow is stackable or conveyable
  • Available in sizes ranging from 4 to 33 inch diameter with replaceable liners
  • Cyclostack and accessories can be retrofit onto existing cyclones

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Installed with Self-Balancing Pump

The Krebs Sand Stacking Cyclones are often best installed in combination with a self-balancing sump. The cyclone overflow is returned to the sump to assure constant cyclone feed. The sump overflows and the pump is normally sized at 10% above the design flow rate.

  • Replaceable abrasion resistant liners
  • Finer separations
  • High underflow concentration

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Krebs hydrocyclones also known as cyclones are installed worldwide for sand and aggregate mining.  They are also known as Hydrozyklon,  Hidrociclón, and Idrociclone, in other languages.  Hydrocyclones are sometimes referred to as separators even though there is a difference the terminology crosses languages and could be pronounced, Separador, Séparateur, Separatore or called Separação or Separazione.  No matter how you pronounce it, FLSmidth Krebs is the leader in hydrocyclones and separators.


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Krebs Cyclones Sand Stacking
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