Krebs Coal Classifying Cyclones

Coal Industry: Krebs gMAX coal classifying cyclones produce finer separations and allows higher feed slurry flow rates.

krebs coal classifying cyclones
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High Recovery Rates

The Krebs gMAX® cyclone has the capability to produce finer and sharper separations using high-capacity designs.

Due to the higher recovery rates of the 10, 12, 15 and 20 inch (250, 305, 380 and 500mm) gMAX Classifying Cyclones, an optimum amount of fine particles that are washed will be recovered from a dilute stream and transported to downstream dewatering equipment.

  • Available in 10, 12, 15, and 20-inch (250, 305, 380, 500mm) diameters
  • Unique lower cone arrangement permits ultra fine separations
       - Ranging from near 60 to 200 mesh and (0.250 to 0.074mm) D95 separation size

       - Will increase recovery
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
       - Reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic in lower cones, nitride bonded silicon, &     carbide ceramic in upper sections
  • Ceramic liners are encased with polyurethane so no steel housings to corrode. 


Higher Capacity

Due to higher capacity the 15 and 20 inch (350 and 500mm) cyclones are very well suited for this duty (fewer hydrocyclones to maintain and less complex manifolds result). Usually a 15 inch (381 mm) design will be recommended if no flotation circuit is in the flow sheet.

  • Minimized coarse solids misplacement to overflow
  • Extended wear life of liners
  • Fewer cyclones required for optimal performance
  • Operates at higher feed rates with the same
  • Can be retrofitted into existing installations to boost throughput and /or produce finer separations
  • Cone angles: 10.5 or 20 degrees available

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  • gMAX classifying cyclones can handle 1/2” (13mm) top-size
  • Capacities up to 50 STPH (45MTPH) per cyclone
  • Feed Density up to 15% solids maximum; underflow density of 40-50% solids are normal for raw coal applications


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Krebs Products for Coal Processing

Clean Coal Classifying & Effluent Recovery

Due to the higher recovery rates of the 10, 12 and 15 inch (250, 305 and 500mm) gMAX Classifying Cyclones, more of the fine particles that are washed will be recovered.


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