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Krebs Close Packed Cyclones are compact, high capacity, centrifugal separators designed to efficiently separate fine solid particles from a liquid. Degritting and Desanding in Industrial Applications include: Parts and Metal cleaning, Automotive Pre-treat, Remove Weld balls, Eductor Spray Process, Phosphate Tank, Remove Sludge, Flume Water and Metal Coolant, and many more applications.

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Close Packed gMAX® cyclone (Vessels) for a Solid/Liquid Separation know as Desanding
Krebs Close Packed Cyclones are ideal for the removal of fine solids in the chemical, power and petroleum industries, as well as in the food, steel and automotive and machining industries. They separate a solid from a liquid. 

  • Extremely compact size as compared to an external manifold system configuration.
  • Variety of materials of construction.
  • Ability to be ASME code stamped for high temperature and pressure.
  • Use of "blanks", which allows for operational flexibility where flow rates may change from the original design conditions. 
  • Continuous or intermittent solids discharge.

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Krebs gMAX Cyclone Vessel video designed for Automotive Pre-Treatment and similar applications where removal of phosphate sludge, weld balls, or degritting and desanding fine particles from a cleaning application.

Solid / Liquid Separating: Desanders
The Close Packed gMAX Cyclone vessels utilize our latest gMAX separation technology, which produces finer and sharper separations that maximizes the solids recovery in the finer size fractions. Close packed vessels can be designed for any number of cyclones and are available for our 1”, 2” and 3” diameter cyclones. Our vessels can be outfitted with stainless steel or a variety of ceramic cyclones for high abrasion resistance.

Krebs gMAX cyclone vessels concentrate solids in liquid suspension or classify solids at a desired particle size. They produce a continuous overflow stream containing the fine solids and a continuous underflow stream containing the coarse solids.

NEWEST Krebs gMAX Vessel the OM2 Design: (shown below right)

Same World Class gMAX Separation Technology + Optimal Maintenance Design for easy, fast and safe removal, replacement and cleaning 100% of the vessel.  Image below shows exterior vessel as translucent so you can view the center cyclone cartridge.  All systems are made from stainless steel or other alloys.
krebs gmax cyclone vessel           

Delayed Coker Units
Krebs cyclones are used to remove coke fines from cutting water in delayed coking systems. By removing the coke fines the high pressure pumps, valves and nozzles are protected from wear and their life is greatly extended. Removing the solids before the cut water tank extends the time between cleaning the tank out.


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Power, Industrial & Water Treatment Brochure

Krebs Hydrocyclones for Automotive Applications

Krebs Hydrocyclones for Chemical Industries

Krebs Hydrocyclones for Oil Refinery (Downstream)

Krebs Hydrocyclones for Salt Water Conversion

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The Close Packed gMAX® cyclone vessels utilize our latest gMAX separation technology, which produces finer and sharper separations that maximizes the solids recovery in the finer size fractions. The close packed vessel can be designed for any number of cyclones and is available for our 1”, 2” and 3” diameter cyclones. The vessel with internal plates supporting the alumina ceramic cyclones provides high abrasion resistance. The gMAX ceramic cyclones are fully replaceable thus providing a cost effective wear solution for applications.

The vessel can be designed to ASME Code pressure vessel specifications.

Krebs Close Packed Cyclones (hydrocyclones) can be used for the following Industrial, Power, Water Treatment and Mining applications.  View our brochure and application inserts below.

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Krebs Close Packed Cyclones (hydrocyclones) can be used for the following:

Remove Sand from Plant Intake Water: Industrial plants using water from rivers with heavy sand loading experience serious pump and valve erosion problems if they don’t take steps to remove the sand from the water.  Settling ponds are one solution but they require a lot of space and must be regularly dredged. Separators for sand removal, on the other hand, take up little space and the sandy separation discharge can be put into a much smaller settling pond. Also known as Desanders.

Clean Up Plant Effluent: Separators are used to clean industrial plant effluent for reuse in plant operations. Also, government agencies have established a minimum amount of solids that an industrial plant can discharge into waste water facilities. Separators are used to meet this requirement.

Remove Solids from Cooling Tower Water: In cooling tower applications, separators are used to remove airborne dust and grit that collects in the cooling tower as well as solids that accumulate in the piping and the heat exchange.  Removing solids ahead of the heat exchangers is especially critical because the tubes are difficult to clean.

Remove Solids from Flume Water:  In logging operations separators are used to remove debris and dirt from the water used to clean logs prior to milling. The degritted water is returned to the log cleaning area for reuse.  Clean water is necessary to avoid clogging the spray nozzles used in the cleaning process. 

Metalworking Coolant Cleaning:  A system of separators (known as vessels or hydrocyclones) used in combination with filters, centrifuges, and sumps can provide an effective economical means of cleaning both large and small volumes of coolants.  The coolant can be removed from the work area for cleaning and returned of cleaned on a continuous closed-loop basis.  A properly designed closed loop system improves cleaning efficiency and cuts down on coolant loss due to evaporation and spillage.

Painting and Parts Cleaning: Separators (known as vessels or hydrocyclones) are utilized in parts finishing operations. The first stage operation of a painting operation is the caustic bath where debris from fabrication or casting stages is removed.  A  is used to separate the debris from the caustic bath liquid which is recycled back to the cleaning stage.  Separators are again used in the painting stage to clean paint overspray which is collected in a water curtain or tank.  Paint droplets are separated from the water which is recycled back to the paint booth. 

Circuit Board Cleaning: Used in printed circuit board production, hydrocyclones recover photoresist, copper particulates and fine pumice from rinse water in glass or metal polishing operations.

Solids Removed from Fiberglass: With higher drag forces on the particulates, solids can be removed from fibrous materials such as in the fiberglass industry where glass shot is removed from the process stream before filtration.

Food and Wine Applications: Separators are particularly useful in fruit and vegetable washing and processing operations. They have been used primarily as protective devices for downstream process equipment and to combat food contamination by dirt and grit in juices, sauces, pastes and purees.  They are used to remove seeds, pits, sand or tramp metal ahead of the food mills, homogenizers or centrifuges.

Desand Vegetable Washing Circuits: Mechanical harvesting of tomatoes has greatly increased the amount of dirt and grit in the washing circuit requiring more frequent shutdowns for cleaning. Separators can minimize these problems by removing the settle-able solids from the circuit. Grit particles settling out in the dirt sump are pumped to a separator which removes these solids and discharge them into a portable hopper for disposal.  The separator overflow, with the settle-able solids removed is continuously recycled on the wash circuit.

Degrit Tomato Pulp (Catsup): Catsup quality is improved by cleaning the pre-cooked pulp in a separator. Following pre-cooking and pulping the stream is cleaned in an ultra-high efficiency stainless steel separator.  The cleaned pulp discharges through the overflow, while dirt and other containments go out the underflow for disposal.  The separation action can handle large amounts of pulp with minimal loss of tomato pulp.

Salt Water Conversion: To both remove particulate in scrubbing systems in order to recycle effluent but also to prevent spray nozzles from clogging.  In converting salt water to fresh water, hydrocyclones remove sand from seawater or brackish well water ahead of expensive membranes used in the reverse osmosis units.

Removing crumbs from cooking oil: More specifically, in cheese processing, Krebs has used their hygienic desanders in place of other costly, high maintenance equipment to recover cheese fines from whey in dairy process water and also in recovering fat from the processing of both mozzarella and ricotta fines.

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Typical applications include:

  • Remove fine solids in water treatment
  • Remove fine crystals in crystallizer circuits
  • Remove coke fines from cutting water in DCU
  • Remove fine solids in paint systems for automotive industry
  • Remove fine solids in geothermal power applications
  • Remove solids from flume water
  • Remove phosphate sludge from phosphate bath in Automotive metal prep
  • Clean plant effluent in industrial applications
  • Degrit fruit tomato pulp for tomato sauce and ketchup processing
  • Desand fruit and vegetables in washing circuits


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