Krebs DeSanders

Krebs DeSanders and Separators are devices specially
designed for the continuous removal of fine sand, scale
and other undesireable solids from a liquid stream.

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Desander KD or KS Units

A ‘separator" is used primarily in a closed system that is under high pressure, or where very fine separations are not required where liquid loss must be minimized, or where the solids loading is low.  Krebs Desanders are known as KD or KS units.

Sand-laden fluid is fed into the cylindrical chamber where it is subjected to the vortex action resulting from its tangential entry. As the water spirals inward towards the vortex finder extremely high centrifugal forces move the sand toward the cylinder wall. Sand particles then progress in a spiral path toward the apex of the cone and are finally discharged through a tangential orifice into the accumulator tank.

The specially designed feed entry aids in pre-classifying sand before entering the cylindrical section. This causes the sand particles to enter the cylinder with a very smooth flow pattern along the wall thus minimizing solids-induced turbulence and the familiar ricochet action found in conventionally fed cyclones. Energy is, therefore, converted to centrifugal rather than wasted on turbulent forces that can upset the vortex action and intensify wear on the internal surfaces of the unit.

Tangential discharging of the separated sand at the apex of the cone section is another feature of Krebs DeSander. Very little energy of the water in the cone section is transferred to the accumulator tank contents with this arrangement and cyclonic swirl in the tank is eliminated. Absence of violent motion in the tank permits the retention of virtually all the sand discharged into it and prevents abrasive wear.

Krebs Potable Water DeSander
FLSmidth Krebs produces different types of DeSanders to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Each type of DeSander comes in different sizes with different internal fittings to optimize the performance for every application.

Krebs offers units that are unlined, lined with vulcanized gum rubber, or lined with replaceable gum rubber liners depending on the budget constraints and customers preferred life of the unit. All DeSanding units can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between. The horizontal units are relatively low to the ground and easy to conceal in residential neighborhoods. All Desanding units have an internal cone section which accelerates the rotational velocity of the water thus producing higher centrifugal forces.

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DeSanders for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Hydrocyclone & DeSanders for Potable Water Brochure

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   desanders for cooling tower water treatment

OIL REFINERY APP    potable water





  • Tangential feed entry increases centrifugal force compared to typical slotted feed designs
  • Cone section maintains the centrifugal force of the liquid as it moves down the DeSander resulting in significantly finer separation and greater solids recovery compared to designs without a cone section
  • The cone section is fabricated of long lasting AR plate or in Krebs KD DeSander units are also available in rubber lined steel
  • All units available with any type of process connection
  • Units are available in a variety of alloys
  • Units can be certified to ASME pressure vessel code or other standards as required
  • A Krebs automatic solids discharge system consisting of an actuated valve and timer system is available for all DeSanders
  • KCGS DeSander units have replaceable ceramic or rubber liners

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 desander separator

Skidded DeSander System for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

desander krebs cyclone

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    • Different DeSander styles to meet customer requirements
    • Used in abrasive applications units with replaceable liners
    • For non-abrasive application units with vulcanized lining or no lining can be used
    • Engineered equipment to meet customers specifications and separation requirements


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    Industrial Brochure

    desander separator

    A "Separator" has a closed Apex.

    Its underflow discharges into a closed grit chamber,
    which is periodically emptied, automatically or manually.

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