Hicom - High Intensity Comminution Mill

FLSmidth Ludowici’s HICOM Mill delivers simply outstanding results in the grinding of industrial minerals and other materials.

  • Overview
  • Customer Benefits


FLSmidth Ludowici’s Hicom Mill delivers simply outstanding results in the grinding of industrial minerals and other materials. Developed and manufactured in Australia, HICOM comprises patented technology to enhance performance, deliver energy efficiency and significantly reduce the high operational costs typically associated with comminution circuits.


FLSmidth Ludowici customers can choose from two Mills depending on your desired production capacity: HICOM 110, a 110 kW Mill with an 80-litre grinding chamber, and HICOM 15, a 15 kW Mill with a five litre grinding chamber.


  • Flexible, Customisable Configuration 
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems and operator panels control the mill
  • Handling of wet and dry media with the option for autogenous grinding
  • Simple design allows for easy materials inventory effecting rapid changeovers for different product lines with no cross-contamination
  • Simultaneous dry grinding and coating achieved with applications 
  • A hinged access door configurable for left or right hand use
  • Feed chamber orientation in any of three directions
  • Main liners offered in a choice of materials


Ease of Operation and Maintenance

  • Touch-controlled PLC system automates mill operation with minimal operator input
  • Specialist maintenance tools supplied
  • Worn wear liners can be rapidly removed and replaced
  • Easy location and access of nutation mechanisms, bearing lubrication, oil reservoir including heating and cooling systems, pump, motor, filtration, valves, instrumentation and accessories due to integration within a separate services module
  • Maintenance needs anticipated due to PLC system continuously monitoring possible faults


Continued Support 

  • Exceptional customer support provided by Ludowici’s technical and customer support team
  • Access to Ludowici’s integrated pilot plant where process set-ups can be tested for particle size, distribution, loading and surface finish
  • Specialist technical services


The HICOM Mills are ideal for:

  • Industrial scale production (HICOM110)
  • Laboratory testing, high volume sample preparation and small-scale production (HICOM15)
  • Specialised industrial minerals
  • Ores, gravels, tailings
  • Diamonds and precious gems
  • Diverse range of industries including chemicals, food processing, diamond mining, mechanical alloying, metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, plastics and powders and pharmaceuticals
  • Highly fine and ultra-fine grinding of particles in both wet and dry applications

The main customer benefits of FLSmidth Ludowici HICOM Mills are:

High Performance Technology and Design

  • Groundbreaking technology designed to maximise production outputs while reducing waste
  • Compact design -HICOM 110 measures just 1.26m (W) x 2.62m (H) 
  • Low noise and vibration due to flexible mountings on the base frame
  • Controlled dust emissions due to hermetically sealed components


Production Efficiency

  • Twice as efficient as ball mills and up to 10 times more efficient than jet mills
  • Fixed point of feed enables continual production achieving superior throughput
  • Compact grinding chamber accommodates media as small as 1.00mm and grinding capabilities up to ultra fine particle size (less than 3 micron top size)
  • A low residence time for faster production
  • Impressive power densities of up to 2500kW/m3 of grinding chamber volume
  • Breakage rates of up to 100 times that of conventional tumbling mills

Cost Efficiency

  • Savings of some E350,000 Euro annually reported for one client’s barite milling operation
  • Minimum operator input and one-person maintenance
  • High chrome cast white iron main liner, and tungsten carbide coated discharge grates deliver low maintenance and repair costs
  • A power efficiency of 94% and a ‘zero’ Ozone Destroying Potential
  • Tightly controlled processing due to grated product discharge mechanism resulting in zero waste