Lime Slaker

The Dorr-Oliver Lime Slaker is a reliable self-contained lime slaking and grit remvoval unit

Lime Slaker
  • Slakers & Scrubber

Dorr-Oliver® Lime Slaker

  • 12 sizes that can be matched to particular flow volumes
  • High efficiency
  • Low installation costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact and neat
  • Simple operation


FLSmidth's Dorr-Oliver Slaker is a ruggeldy built, reliable, self contained unit for lime slaking and grit removal. The Dorr-Oliver Slaker is a compact dual compartment machine. It consists of a slaking unit and a classifier comparment. The slaking section is comprised of a steel cylindrical tank and an impeller type mixer supported by tank spanning beams and is designed to promote rapid, intimate contact. The flared tank classifier compartment is connected to the slaker by two submerged slurry passage ports. It consists of heavy duty reciprocating rakes and a washed grit discharge section.

Our Dorr-Oliver Slaker accounts for the day-to day performance demands for difficult slaker service in the design of the machine, available in caustic and non-caustic versions. In pulp mill applications for example where caustic green liquor added to lime severely tests a machine's ability to resist the effects of abrasive, corrosive service. We design our machine with the bearings above the corrosive level so they can be easily lubricated and maintained. The classifier tank and rakes are oversized to handle high rates of flow and to start up easily after a plant shut-down. Stainless steel is used for critical components. Also, to protect the slaking tank bottom, a 1/4" blast plate cover is applied below the impeller and welded to the tank bottom. It is sized to cover the impeller's flow pattern.

Our slaker can handle any grade of lime. This versatile machine will slake even low reactive limes with an adjustable dentrion time. In flue gas desulfurization applications, for example, this is a particularly important benefit since other types of slakers, such as paste slakers, require high chemical grade lime to perate properly. With high-grade lime costing as much as it does these days, the Dorr-Oliver slaker enables a plant to achieve important savings on purchased lime costs.

Eimco® Slaker Scrubber

For positive dust emission control, Eimco slakers are operated at a slight vacuum and connected to an Eimco high efficiency vent scrubber. Both static and eductor style scrubbers are made of stainless steel and use water as a scrubbing medium. The static unit uses the condensing effect of cold mill water aided by a stack to draft the slaking bowl. The eductor unit relies primarily on the water spray through a venturi for draft generation and can therefore recirculate water successfully.



The cyclone feeder connects the end of the lime feed screw to the slaking bowl. Lime falls through the center pipe and Green Liquor is introduced tangentially around the pipe. The lime and Green Liquor mix at the end of the center pipe inside a curtain of Green Liquor. These actions reduce the particulate burden on the scrubbing system.


Gritreator® System

Slaker grit is lime mud that pebbled in the kiln but did not calcine. It is rejected from the Slaker classifier based on size, not chemistry. The Gritreater® System reduces that grit to the size of lime mud. This allows its return into the system, ending expensive landfill disposal of wet, high pH grit.