Electrostatic Precipitators

FLSmidth’s electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology is designed to match fabric filters in efficiency, delivering highly reliable dust emission control down to 5mg/Nm³.

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Electrostatic Precipitators unit
  • Overview

Designed for lower operational cost

With more than 4,000 installations worldwide, we have the experience to understand your individual process requirements. We will help you to design the most optimal ESP configuration that adheres to stringent emissions regulations for your plant.

Our ESP solutions offer the lowest cost of ownership and have been engineered to deliver 100% efficiency and performance. Our flexible designs offer a host of benefits, including a minimal equipment footprint, reduced energy consumption, simpler maintenance requirements and lower operating costs.


Features and benefits

Proprietary Coromax® power supply system – for increased efficiency and increased particulate capture under difficult operating conditions such as high resistivity and with very fine particles.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – for optimal gas and dust distribution, 100% utilisation of installed collection area and a reduced equipment footprint.

Proprietary PIACS® microprocessor controls – enables the ESP to react efficiently to process variations, ensuring outlet emissions remain low even under challenging conditions.

Unique electrode design – for specific process and operating conditions increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.