Baghouse monitoring systems

Broken bag detectors for optimum process control and meeting EPA regulations.

Broken bag detector
  • Overview
  • Multi-compartment baghouses
  • Single compartment dust collectors


FLSmidth AFT offers monitoring and control solutions for baghouses and cartridge dust collectors. These products are essential solutions for optimum process control and meeting EPA regulations.

Benefits include improved differential pressure and airflow control, preventing particulate emissions, reduced maintenance costs, protecting downstream equipment, lowering energy use and preventing unforeseen downtime.

The sensors use unique and patented ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology. Particulates in the airstream interact with the sensing rod to induce a charge signature. The sensor electronically filters the resulting signal to reject signals outside a defined frequency range (rejecting the DC Triboelectric signal), making it less susceptible to changes in particle velocity and eliminating the effect of any particulate contamination on the sensing rod (unlike Triboelectric dust monitors which suffer from sensor contamination issues).

Passive, insulated and air purge sensor options allow use of the sensors in high humidity, high dust or conductive dust applications and hazardous area certified sensors are available. The optional sensor Probe Check is a valuable additional feature for detecting contamination across the insulator, for improved Quality Assurance.


Digitally networked multi-compartment  baghouse monitoring system provide remote observation of the condition of the bag and cartridge systems. The system gives advance warning of filter deterioration, enables users to make significant savings in spares, maintenance time and reduces the likelihood of large scale emission events.

An ElectroDynamic™ sensor is installed in the outlet of each compartment to monitor dust emission levels. The network of sensors is connected to the controller, which provides a large graphical user interface giving a clear indication of each compartment’s dust level and onward communication to a PC or PLC network.

The system is supported by software package for PCs, with advanced features for monitoring emission trends and identifying failing or broken bags. For on-line cleaned baghouses the specific bag row containing leaking bags can be located.


  • Self-contained leak monitoring system for on-line and off-line cleaned multi-compartment baghouses
  • Identifies compartments with broken or leaking bags before large-scale emission events occur
  • Reduces filter maintenance intervals, process down-time and filter costs
  • Software options for comparing compartment emissions and locating specific, failing bag rows
  • Sensor Probe Check option for improved data integrity and Quality Assurance


Compact transmitter design for reliable and robust particulate monitoring for all types of industrial dust collectors

Provides the most-effective option for applications requiring basic dust monitoring.

Additional functionality is available to allow for the instrument to measure defined units (mg/m3). All instruments benefit from unique ElectroDynamicTM Probe Electrification technology and  advanced features enabling the instruments to be configured for many types of filters irrespective of cleaning sequence. 


  • High quality leak response with sufficient dynamic range and time response to track emissions
  • Instrument drift and minimum detection level below 0.1mg/m3 with leak  monitoring to 500mg/m3
  • Convenient bag leak output 4-20mA range scaled 0-100%. Option for scaling in defined units (user selectable) e.g mg/m3
  • Designed for practical filter bags issues
  • Powerful user interface with digital display