Baghouse accessories

A wide range of accessories to refurbish and improve air pollution control equipment

Baghouse accessories
  • Overview
  • Pulse-jet
  • Reverse air
  • Clamps
  • Leak check test
  • Precoat powder
  • Door seals & gaskets

Types of baghouses

FLSmidth AFT supplies a wide range of parts and accessories to refurbish and improve your dust collection system.

Our parts and accessories are designed to meet or exceed the OEM specification to increase dependability and reduce costly down-time 

We offer spares and accessories for the following types of dust collectors:

  • Top load pulse jet
  • Bottom load pulse jet
  • Reverse air
  • Shaker
  • Plenum pulse


Parts and accessories available:

  • Airlocks
  • Clamps
  • Diaphragm repair kits and solenoids
  • Door seals and gaskets
  • Dye powder and UV lamps/flashlights
  • Hanging hardware
  • Hooks
  • Magnahelic/photohelic gauges
  • Precoat powder
  • Smart pulse controllers
  • Sonic horns
  • Spring assemblies and tensioning tool
  • Timer boards

Solenoids & diaphragm repair kits


Diaphragm repair kits are stocked to fit all standard pulse valves of the leading manufacturers.

We can ship quickly from our inventory and each kit uses premium diaphragm material for maximum long-life performance.

Repair kits fit: ASCO®, Autel®, Goyen®, Mecair®, Tae-Ha™, Trimec® and Turbo® pulse valves.

Timer boards


We offer replacement timer boards and smart pulse controllers.

These electronic boards send a signal for the baghouse to clean filter bags on a sequential timer that cleans the bags continuously. They are also used for display lighting, intermittent valve or sequential control.

Hanging Hardware


Maintaining proper tension is very important to the life and performance of reverse air fabric filters and a full range of hanging hardware is available including:

  • Draw bar assemblies
  • J bolts
  • Chain S hook type
  • Springs
  • Coined hangers
  • Specialty hanging hardware

Pneumatic tensioning tool

 Pneumatic tensioning tool

This tensioning device was developed to consistently apply tension to filter bags during installation reducing problems caused by over and under tensioning.  It can significantly lower maintenance costs by extending bag life and reducing hours required for installation.

It features an air cylinder with approximately 2:1 ratio that exerts two pounds of force for every pound of compressed air. This unit is particularly suited for large diameter bags and lower pressure air supplies. The 6" stroke device can be used upside-down for applications where bags are small and headroom is limited.

Clamps are often the cause of dust leakage and bag failure. There are different clamps for different applications that our technical specialists can recommend:

  • Quick release
  • Worm Gear
  • T-Bolt 
  • Spring Latch 

Leak check powder

Lite-Dust™ is a fluorescent powder that helps detect leaks from the fabric filter after a bag change out to ensure that the system is leak-free in the initial start-up or at any time throughout the life of the bags. It is introduced into the system with the fan running at a rate of 1 lb. per 1000 ft2 (0.45 kg per 93 m2) of cloth area.


UV flashlight & light

A UV flashlight or lamp can be used to quickly and easily detect broken bags after a change out. The UV cordless flashlight kit includes 120V or 220V charger, 12 V DC for portable charging, plastic carrying/storage case and UV enhancing glasses. The UV lamp kit includes a corded UV lamp, UV absorbing glasses, plastic carrying/storage case and 8 oz dye cleaner spray bottle. UV lamp kits are available in 120V/60Hz (American) and 230V/50Hz (European).


Precoat powder

Using the precoat Quick-Start™ means that there is maximum, even air flow and enhanced operational efficiency. Quick-Start™ is a chemically inert light density powder that is injected into the fabric filter to establish uniform porous dust cake on the filter bags.

The amount of Quick-Start™ used should be a minimum of 0.05 lbs. per ft2 (0.23 kg per m2) of filter bag cloth area.


Baghouse precoat 

Seals & gaskets

baghouse door seals 

We have a variety of door seals and gaskets that prevent outside air from leaking into your fabric filter. Properly sealed doors can prevent fugitive emissions, reduction of airflow and production loss condensation from in-leakage. 


Solid silicone







glass core






3/4” x 1”
5/8” x 7/8”

3/16” x 1/2”
3/8” x 1”

3/8” x 1”-3”
1/2” x 1”-3”




General: oxidizing, ozone and alkalis

Poor: solvents, oils, concentrated acids and abrasion

Low co-efficient of friction
Excellent chemical resistance
Thermal endurance
Will not absorb water, shrink or attract mold/mildew
Flexible for easy installation
Resilient under pressure, springs back upon load release