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FLSmidth is a leading supplier of gas analysis and reporting solutions in the cement, lime, waste, power, steel and nickel industries

Why FLSmidth?

There are other suppliers of gas analysis equipment. However none of these vendors is focused like FLSmidth on supplying process equipment to the cement and minerals industry.

FLSmidth has more than 40 years of worldwide experience in designing market-leading gas analysis solutions specialized in optimizing production throughput, cost of operations and the safety of people and machinery. This position has only been possible due to our unique in-house access to FLSmidth process knowledge.

FLSmidth is proud to be part of solutions where we supply gas analysis equipment which increases the income of the cement and minerals producers and at the same time limits production emissions to a minimum.

Industries served

Our portfolio of gas analysis and reporting solutions are available for five key industries:

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