Customer Service

Customer Service


• Commissioning
• Preventive Maintenance Visits
• Repairs
• 24-hour Hotline Service
• Spare Parts
• Technical Support
• Training
• Service Agreements
• Troubleshooting
• Sparring Partner
• Claims Handling


The FLSmidth service department handles all customer approaches after delivery of any new gas analysis products. The department is divided into 3 divisions - Internal service, External service, and After sales service - which each handles different tasks. We aim to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and product efficiency by being a competent and serious sparring partner. We never give up on a service problem but try to solve it professionally in close co-operation with the customer. Our main objectives are:


Efficient Internal Service Procedures

The handling of repairs and claims is to be handled efficiently and professionally. The customer is to be continuously informed of the status of the handling, and the follow-up on our sub-suppliers must be continuous and efficient.


Repair Time

We strive to continuously improve our repair time on the instruments sent to us for repairs. The average repair time must be no more than 10 days and is to be monitored. We must always try to find ways to improve procedures and technical features.


Technical Know-How

At least 2 technicians are to be technically competent in repairing the various instruments in our product range. The service staff is to be responsible and professional when handling the customers' equipment.


Closeness to the Customer

We find it essential to be close to our customers and to be able to provide support quickly. Thus, we are working on building up local service centres to support you with wear and spare parts from day to day.


Varied Product Line

In order to deliver and service the products that our customers prefer, we will not be dependent on one single supplier. Our products must be innovative and up-to-date, and they must comply with any new standards in the business.

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