After Sale Service

After Sales Service

After sales service handles spare parts, training courses, after sales orders, claims, service agreements, and co-ordination of service visits. After sales service is most often the department taking care of any incoming telephone calls or e-mails, and any training programs are co-ordinated from this division.



FLSmidth co-operates with many different sub-suppliers. We find it of great importance that we are able to deliver the kind of product which the customer prefers and that the product line is varied and technologically innovative.

As the business of gas analysis equipment is very complex, it is essential that the persons dealing with repairs, delivery of spare parts and new products are conversant with the equipment. Thus, it is important to us that our engineers are always up-to-date on our products, and they are regularly in close contact with the sub-suppliers.


The Service Contract

The service contract may be signed either as a fixed price agreement or as an agreement based on time spent on the service job. The choice of service contract may depend on the type of gas analysis equipment, legal demands, or any demands from the customer on maintenance, quality assurance etc.

Signing a service contract with FLSmidth provides you with a safe and stable gas analysis system. Regular maintenance helps you reduce system downtime and optimise system and plant performance. The service agreement is signed in order to keep the gas analysis system in good working condition and to grant you a status as first priority customer.


Emission Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Interpretation and practical work with CEN standards is often a large and difficult task for many customers. FLSmidth has many years of experience in working with especially the new European Standards for Waste Incinerating Plants (EN14181). It is a new way of handling emission monitoring equipment, and the golden thread in the directives and standards is quality assurance of the monitors in question.

We can guide you on specifications of the equipment, commissioning of the equipment and due to the very strict procedures during our service visits, we give you the possibility of using our service reports as part of your quality assurance system for reporting to the local authorities.

Please contact us for more details on quality assurance and local standards.

24-Hour Hotline Service

You may also chose to sign a service agreement with a 24-hour hotline service in case of urgent problems.

In this way, you will gain free access to our technical telephone hotline support which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. You will receive a specific telephone number for direct connection to the hotline service.

We guarantee a start up of remedial action within 2 hours from on of our 7 service engineers who take part in the 24-hour hotline service. They have the possibility of logging onto your gas analysis system from the workshop at FLSmidth or via modem from their home address. In case the situation cannot be solved by telephone or via remote control, our service engineers will come to your plant as quickly as possible.

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