Gas Analysis Systems

FLSmidth supplies gas analysis systems named GASloq 600, 800 or 1200. The GASloq systems are designed to sample, condition and analyse process gas or emission gas and to present the measurement result in a display and/or to the plant control system. The GASloq analysis systems are all extractive systems for dry extractive gas analysis developed by FLSmidth.

Extractive gas analysis means, contrary to in-situ gas analysis that a sample is continuously taken from the process for analysis. The gas is sampled through a sample probe and a sample hose to the conditioning unit in the GASloq gas analysis system where the gas is being conditioned and analysed. The type of sample probe and sample tube is application dependant. The gas conditioning unit cools the gas to 5°C, in this way the water/condensate in the gas is removed. Afterwards the gas passes through filters, flow meter i.e. before it is analysed in a gas analyser in the GASloq gas analysis system.