Calciner Gas Analysis

The KilnLoq calciner gas analysis system can optimize the calciner pyro-process and prevent process interlocks from shutting down operation.

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To gain this, the gas analyser must be on-line all the time providing consistent, comparable and accurate data of the calciner operation. In the calciner, we take advantages of the unique KilnLoq probe developed by FLSmidth. The probe configuration is identical to the KilnLoq probe used in the kiln inlet – however the probe length is shorter in the calciner.


Experience shows that an unattended burning process in the calciner easily may get out of balance, creating unwanted high levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO). This may trigger the interlocking to shut down kiln and calciner burners causing a production stop that could have been avoided. Furthermore, if the calciner is of a type which is capable of producing a consistent low level of CO in order to reduce the final NOX emission, the calciner gas analysis system becomes a necessary measurement to facilitate this. In any case, the cost of shutting down the production and starting it up again is costly both in lost production and in wasted fuel.

To illustrate the importance of this - a kiln producing e.g. 5000 ton clinker/day at a global average market price of 56$/ton clinker will loose approx. 11,650$/hour during a kiln stop on that account alone. A calciner analysing system only has to reduce this number of stop hours by approx. 15-20 before the investment is returned.

The combustion process of the calciner reacts faster and is even more sensitive to changes in the combustion process than the kiln. The operation stability of a calciner is under great influence of changing gas flow and the actual oxygen content. By being on-line with the combustion process in the calciner not only the operation of the calciner can be guarantied but also the over-all kiln operation can be optimised for the combined optimal operation of kiln, calciner, burner, cooler and ID-fan.

Stable calciner combustion is what calciner gas analysis is really all about. The innovative KilnLoq probe is the only probe on the market capable of achieving this - day after day, at a minimum of maintenance and with an unprecedented high run factor.

To learn more about our capabilities in calciner gas analysis and the KilnLoq probe – please download the brochure or contact a sales representative.

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