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Ventomatic® is a world leader in the engineering design, development and production of single machines,and complete packaging plants

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Some footprints never fade


1957 - 2017
60th anniversary

A conscious creativity has enabled us to grow and expand from a small entrepreneurial business, established in 1957, to a leading company on a global level that is constantly evolving.

Ventomatic® has been a member company of the Danish group FLSmidth A/S from 1992; FLSmidth A/S is a world leader in the construction of cement plants and complete mineral extraction and processing plants.
Being part of a large network means having international standing, stability and new prospects.

The number that count

  • 1957 company establishment
  • 3 Business units in the world Italy, India, China
  • 425 Employees
  • 15 Employee different nationality
  • 52 Technical supevisors
  • + 6780 World wide Ventomatic machines







Concepts ,ideas, sharing


Our team: the richness gained through a continuos dialogue

Research and Development activities represent the lifeblood of our company. All the machines  are designed to respond to the dynamics of today’s market, but also to integrate with increasingly advanced distribution systems. We have developed the new generation of automatic loaders based on this concept. Optimising human resources, improving the efficiency of production cycles and providing the best service at the lowest operating cost have always been our goals.
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