Students and Graduates

At FLSmidth we are very interested in cooperating with talented students on academic projects.

Opportunity for students and Gradutes in FLSmidth

PhD Thesis

Over the years, FLSmidth has cooperated with PhD candidates on a number of projects.

PhD Thesis at FLSmidth

If you are considering FLSmidth as a possible partner for your PhD thesis, please contact your local FLSmidth office.

”Being an Industrial PhD student in the R&D department of FLSmidth has allowed me to be innovative in terms of which scientific approach to utilise in order to fulfil the requirements given in the Project statement. One of the achievements in the project period has been to successfully increase the focus on applied mathematics and mechanics in the analysis of problems during the development of new, advanced products. This has led to a proposal for introducing an entirely new research group within applied mathematics and mechanics, which has resulted in positive feedback after an evaluation by the R&D management.”

Maziyar Nesari Zadeh