Students and Graduates

At FLSmidth we are very interested in cooperating with talented students on academic projects.

Opportunity for students and Gradutes in FLSmidth


At FLSmidth the path to great responsibility and influence is always short.

Graduate programmes at FLSmidth

And there is no shorter path than going via our graduate programmes. Everywhere in FLSmidth you’ll find colleagues whose careers began in graduate programmes. Today, they enjoy responsibility for projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars, regardless of whether they decided to move into management or chose to become peerless specialists in their field of expertise.

As our graduate programmes are dependent on our business needs, we encourage you to keep an eye on our Vacancies page and create a job agent so you can be the first to know of an open graduate position relevant to your profile.

7 new FLSmidth graduates on site visit in Vietnam - watch the film here!