Business Policies

Our business integrity is founded upon a number of key business policies that have been refined since our beginning in 1882. Today, these policies remain the cornerstone of our business and are the driving force behind the way we conduct business around the world.

FLSmidth business policies

Quality Policy

Over a century, FLSmidth has focused on providing customers with world-class products and services. It is this dedication to quality that has gained us worldwide recognition as the preferred supplier for the cement and mineral industries.

FLSmidth Quality Policy

Quality Policy:

At FLSmidth we are committed to develop and deliver high quality products, services and solutions that enhance productivity to create satisfied and loyal customers in the global mining and cement industries. Quality is the foundation of our company and is fully embedded in our way of working, we deliver on time and meet all customer and other applicable requirements. We continually improve our Quality Management System and its processes through clearly defined objectives. 

Quality Objectives:

FLSmidth’s Quality Management System strives to continually improve:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Innovative technologies, products and services to enhance productivity
  • On-time delivery to internal and external customers
  • Quality of output from our processes


Methods of measurement of these objectives are established and monitored by the top management and adapted to the nature of business and its processes throughout the organization

Thomas Schulz
Group CEO, FLSmidth

Quality Principles:

These four common quality principles apply in FLSmidth.

 FLSmidth Quality Policy Promote Promote continual improvement of business processes.
 FLSmidth Quality Policy Involve Involve engaged employees and symbiotic supplier relationships to fulfill customer expectations
 FLSmidth Quality Policy Provide Provide resources and tools needed to drive quality improvements
 FLSmidth Quality Policy Measure and Improve Measure and Improve customer satisfaction and business performance


These principles are incorporated in the quality systems and business processes of FLSmidth.