Business Policies

Our business integrity is founded upon a number of key business policies that have been refined since our beginning in 1882. Today, these policies remain the cornerstone of our business and are the driving force behind the way we conduct business around the world.

FLSmidth business policies

Investor Relations Policy

The FLSmidth Group engages in a close dialogue with the stock market and intends to ensure that all investors have equal and timely access to relevant information and that the developments in its share price reflect the underlying financial performance of the Group.

The objective of FLSmidth & Co.'s Investor Relations function is to contribute to and facilitate that;

  • FLSmidth complies with EU and Danish laws and regulations and with NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S “Rules for issuers of shares”.
  • investors have equal and adequate access to timely, relevant and price sensitive information
  • the share price reflects the Group’s underlying financial performance and fair market value
  • the liquidity and daily trading volume in the FLSmidth share is sufficiently attractive for both short and long term investors
  • the shareholder base is diversified in terms of both geography, investment style and time horizon


The means are:

  • An open and active dialogue with the stockmarket via FLSmidth & Co.’s website and electronic communication service, as well as via investor presentations, one-on-one meetings, webcasts, conference calls, roadshows, AGMs and capital market days.
  • Providing investors and analysts with the services and information required within the limits of rules and regulations applying to listed companies on NASDAQ Copenhagen.

The overall principles of how we conduct investor relations are:

  • We strive to deliver high accessibility and fast response times
  • Group Executive Management and the Head of IR are company spokespersons in relation to the stock market 
  • The Head of IR reports to the Group CFO 
  • Group Executive Management and Investor Relations are available for one-on-one meetings and conference calls with investors and analysts. Access can be obtained through Investor Relations (FLSmidth - Contact). 
  • We host and webcast investor presentations in connection with quarterly earnings releases 
  • All analyst and investor queries submitted to Investor Relations should be responded to within 48 hours. 
  • The Group maintains a three week silent period before the planned release of financial statements during which, it neither comments on financial goals or guidance, nor does it take part in meetings and presentations with analysts or investors 
  • We only comment on factual and publicly available information, and not on analyst estimates 
  • We aim at hosting a capital market day every second year to allow investors and analysts to enhance their insights and understanding of our business 
  • We announce orders of strategic importance and orders with a significant impact on the financial results of the current financial years when the contract has been signed.


To order reports and financial presentations, please write to