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FLSmidth enables China's cement producers to replace fossil fuels with growing mountains of household waste


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK FLSmidth partners with China Resources Cement (CRC) and Sino Environment Engineering Development Co. Ltd. (SEPETC) on a solution for using urban and industrial waste safely in Chinese cement production. The solution will combat the increasing amount of landfill waste and reduce the use of fossil fuels in an energy intensive industry.

To support the city of Binyang, located in the Guangxi region of southwest China, in its efforts to reduce the city's urban and industrial waste, China Resources Cement (CRC) and FLSmidth joined forces to come up with a solution for CRC's Hongshuihe cement plant. To economically process the raw waste characterised by high moisture and low burn value, FLSmidth installed a pyro co-processing system: a HOTDISC® consuming 300 tons of waste per day to ensure the Hongshuihe plant's daily production of 3200 tons cement.
Now, CRC and FLSmidth sign a partnership, together with SEPETC as a general contractor, with the purpose of rolling out this successful solution to other cement producers in China. FLSmidth is responsible for the design, engineering and integration of the integrated waste burning solution.

China's mountains of waste
China's waste problem is growing. Among the 600 biggest cities in China, more than a third battle with serious groundwater pollution due to waste disposal. In the suburbs, several hundred million tons of urban household waste, municipal sludge and industrial waste are left untreated in landfills, increasing at an annual rate of around 8%.
Country Manager for FLSmidth in China, Cyril Leung says: "China's energy intensive industries, such as cement production, are coming under pressure from the government that wants to rebalance the economy towards a less energy-hungry mode of growth, curb pollution and reduce carbon emissions. CRC plans to initiate several similar municipal solid waste co-processing projects for other cement producers with FLSmidth and SEPETC as partners."

In China's latest five-year plan, the government encourages more cement producers to co-process municipal solid waste in the cement industry, with an aim of getting 15-20% of the cement kilns in the country to be co-processing waste by 2020. In 2017, China will introduce a national carbon-trading scheme. About 4.3 billion tons of cement was consumed globally in 2014, causing global cement production to contribute around 5% of global CO2 emissions. China alone produces 60%.

China Resources Cement is one of China's leading cement enterprises and owns approximately 40 cement lines in mainland China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, CRC is part of the state-owned enterprise China Resources Group.


Jette Westerdahl
Senior Communications Advisor
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Cyril Leung
Country Manager, FLSmidth China
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