9 June 2017

Redundancy is not equal to availability

The MAAG CEM Drive is the smartest and most efficient drive system

Redundancy is nowadays the keyword when it comes to drive systems for large vertical roller
mills. Different gear manufacturers have developed new drive systems. This development is
clearly driven by the high power demand of large and very large vertical mills and by the torque
limitation of the bevel stage in conventional gearboxes as described in many other articles.

Appeared in ZKG, June 2017


The newly developed drive systems can be split into two different groups:
Multiple drive solution and Integrated motor solution.

If the availability of a technical system should be increased or ensured by redundancy then it is necessary to investigate the process in detail. The aim is to cover the most crucial and vulnerable sub-systems with additional resources and hence reducing downtime in the case of unexpected failure of this sub-system. In conventional drive trains of large vertical roller mills the most crucial element is the bevel stage with its bearings.

The MAAG CEM Drive is the only system where availability is achieved by substituting the power limiting component and reducing the complexity to the minimum. With the variable frequency drive it provides the highest flexibility with the lowest maintenance efforts.
Instead of seeking availability by using partly redundant drive systems it makes more sense to go for the optimal grinding process provided with the smartest and most efficient drive system.

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