4 April 2017

Driving simplicity

The MAAG CEM Drive is the real innovation in the cement industry.

As throughput rates achieved by vertical roller mills are increasing, so are the demands placed on gearboxes and drives. The gears and drives industries have responded with increasingly complex designs, but some companies are bucking the trend with innovative motor designs that provide simplicity as well as efficiency.

Appeared in International Cement Review, April 2017


Vertical roller mills are worldwide established in cement plants for the production of raw meal and the cement grinding process. Contrary to other comminution technologies the vertical roller mills have not yet reached their limits of throughput rates. This trend resulted in the development of new drive systems caused by the limitation of power transmission through the conventional gearboxes.

While the majority of the gear suppliers implemented drive systems with multiple motor designs and blowing up the complexity, only FLSmidth MAAG Gear with the unique CEM Drive follows the way of reducing rotating parts and providing simplicity. The application range of this drive system is focused on medium to very high drive powers. Keeping this in mind from the very beginning of the design process, a smart modularization is realized to cover the power range from 4'000 kW to actually 14'000 kW.

Replacing convention
To make the required drive power available FLSmidth MAAG Gear substitutes the bevel gear stage in the conventional MAAG WPV gearbox by...

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