4 December 2016

Pushing the limits

Large conventional gearboxes for vertical mills

Martin Baechler, FLSmidth MAAG Gear, Switzerland, explains how the company defines the use of conventional drive systems for vertical roller mills.

Appeared in World Cement magazine, December 2016


Over the past 60 years vertical roller mills have
become increasingly important within cement
production. Today the vertical roller mill is known as
the most efficient mechanical comminution method.
FLSmidth MAAG Gear designs, calculates and
produces the bevel gear for the vertical roller mills
individually, meaning the layout and the critical
manufacturing steps, like heat treatment and final
machining, are kept under permanent control. The
sophisticated design, in combination with state of
the art production methods, allows the company to
build conventional gearboxes for vertical roller mills
up to a drive power of 9000 kW with a gear ratio up
to the range of 60:1.

With the WPV-gearbox FLSmidth MAAG Gear
can provide a unique drive system for the above
mentioned mill applications. The high-grade
bevel gear in combination with the innovative
compound epicyclic gear and an efficient condition
monitoring system enables the cement producer to
rely on common drive technology for high power
application. It makes the implementation of complex
control systems for new drive solutions needless.

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