7 October 2016

Cutting teeth

Cutting our teeth on 5-axle milling

Heavy industry requires heavy duty equipment. But simply making your
equipment tougher doesn’t always mean you’ll get the accuracy required
to make it work properly and endure the demanding conditions of the
mining industry.

Appeared in Highlights, September 2016


Innovative multi-axis milling
With the development of highly accurate, multi-axis milling
machines it’s possible to manufacture any type of gearing. The
simultaneous movement of five or more axis drives of a modern
multitasking machine allows a high-precision machining of
complex geometries. The highly accurate positioning and
trajectory guarantee precision and impeccable surface quality.

Consider the advantages
For many years, FLSmidth MAAG Gear has been delivering bevel
gears for heavy-load applications, including crushers. We are
operating the most modern, state-of-the-art, multi-tasking
machines to support our customers with fastest delivery and
highest quality of bevel gears. The achieved results have been so
promising that further investments have been made to bring on
additional machines for more capacity.

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