9 December 2015

Membrane Replacement

Maintaining older gear units

Find out why the importance of caring for old gearboxes is equal to that of inventing new solutions.

Appeared in World Cement, December 2015

Regular maintenance is key
The condition of rotating parts decreases slowly over time. By regularly retrofitting and exchanging worn parts, an old gear unit will operate with the same reliability as a new one.

Case study: membrane replacement
The city of Nimbahera in India is known for its so-called "Nimbahera" stone - a special sort of limestone. A Symetro gear unit has driven one of the ball mills in this region since 1987. Find out more about one of the examples showing a professional inspection in the article mentioned below.

If discovered in time, a gear unit can even run with small damage for a limited time. Breakdowns and expensive emergency repairs can be avoided and the gearbox can run smoothly for many decades. 

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