Krebs In-line Hydrocyclone Manifolds

The Krebs Inline manifold system is designed to uniformly distribute the feed and collect the overflow and underflow products from the hydrocyclones as required for the application.

Krebs Inline Manifold
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The Krebs Inline manifold system includes a feed distributor, overflow and underflow collection launders, and steel support structure. The hydrocyclones are mounted "Inline" with the support structure to reduce space and shipping requirements. These systems can usually be shipped pre-assembled on a standard flat bed truck. The feed distributor can be either radial or inline depending on the application requirements. A radial feed distributor will incorporate a well-rounded entry configuration (as obtainable with pulled type nozzles) to minimize slurry turbulence. An inline feed distributor will incorporate a standard nozzle configuration and is usually branched by the use of standard T’s to minimize cost. A pressure gauge with protective diaphragm assembly is mounted on the top of the feed distributor. An inline feed distributor will preferentially classify the coarse solids to the last hydrocyclones on line, thus this design may not be suitable for certain applications.

Inline manifold systems can be equipped with overflow and underflow launders or overflow and underflow headers. Launders are designed in a rectangular shape, reducing lining and steel costs. The underflow launder can be sloped as required for the application or be designed with a flat bottom. If elastomer lining is required, it will be a minimum of ¼" thick and be vulcanized to the steel.

The manifold design permits convenient removal of any hydrocyclone without disturbing other hydrocyclones or disassembling the manifold system. All connecting pipe fittings have standard Victaulic grooved or flanged connections. Blank-off connections are provided for any unused hydrocyclone feed outlet pipes.
An individual isolating valve can be provided for each hydrocyclone as an optional feature. We carefully evaluate the type of valve depending on the application, to ensure it is acceptable for use.

The manifold assembly will incorporate the structural steel required to support the radial feed distributor, the hydrocyclones, and the overflow and underflow collection launders.

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